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General Admissions

Sandringham School is an all ability co-educational 11-18 academy. We are our own admitting authority but Hertfordshire LA manages the transfer and entry to Sandringham School on our behalf.

Our admissions criteria for 2018-2019 remain the same as those for 2017-2018. The school will be temporarily increasing its intake to eight-form entry (240 children). Of these additional 30 places, 15 will be reserved for children who live in the parish of Harpenden and 15 will be added to the 25 places reserved for children who live in the parish of Wheathampstead, totalling a maxium of 40 places. There will be 185 places for children living in St. Albans.  If you are unsure about any of these changes and how they may affect you, please contact Lesley Dunkley, admissions officer at the school.

Hertfordshire County Council (‘HCC’) will co-ordinate the allocation process for 2018/19 and if you wish to apply for a Year 7 place for September 2018, you need to complete the Hertfordshire County Council common application form when the secondary transfer process takes place during the Autumn Term 2017.  The deadline for submitting completed common application forms to HCC is 31st October 2017.  You can do this online at www.hertsdirect.org/admissions or telephone 0300 123 4043 for a paper application form, once the secondary transfer allocation process has commenced.

You only need to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) of you are apply under Rule 2 (medical) or Rule 4 (children of staff).


The school contracts to HCC for appeals administration.  Parents wishing to appeal who applied online should log on to their online application and click on the link “register an appeal”. For those who did not apply online, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043 to request an appeal pack.

If you are seeking a place for your child using rule 2 (medical) or rule 4 (children of staff) you must also complete the School Information Form, which must be returned directly to the school.

Consultation for Admissions 2019-2020

  • *** LATEST NEWS***  Consultation on new admission criteria for 2019 – 2020. In consultation with Hertfordshire LA the Governing Body of Sandringham School have agreed to consult the community on a change to admission rules for secondary transfer 2019 onwards. For 2017 and 2018 admission, the school temporarily increased its published admission number (PAN) to 240 to provide additional spaces for children living in the parish of Wheathampstead and the parish of Harpenden. This was to accommodate the high demographics to the North of St. Albans until the new Harpenden School opens. We propose to reduce our PAN to the previous level of 210 and remove the option for admission of children from Wheathampstead and Harpenden through the random allocation process. As a consequence, all places not offered to through rules 1 – 4 will be allocated to children nearest the school. You can view the proposed 2019-2020 admission rules and the new Supplementary Form below. If you would like to comment on these proposed changes please do so within the consultation period of 6th November  – 18th December 2017 in writing to Mrs. Lesley Dunkley, clerk to the governors c/o Sandringham School. We will not respond to individual submissions. They will be compiled and presented to the admissions committee after 18th December 2017 for consideration. The governing body will determine admission arrangements for 2019 onwards by February 2018.

“The school is extremely popular. Students‘ personal development is outstanding. The school does a wonderful job in ensuring that its initiatives allow for the broadest development opportunities.”  Ofsted