Dear parent/carer,

We continue to review the Coronavirus situation on a daily basis and I would like to thank you all for the way you are all approaching this common issue.

Sometimes things are not quite as simply as they may seem, and an example of this is with how best to dry hands.  We currently have a number of hand driers in the school, but we understand that whilst these may seem a good way of avoiding contact between surfaces, the circulation of warm air may be a hazard itself.  We also have a number of roller towels which may also be a potential risk.  However, there is a severe shortage of paper towel dispensers and so replacing everything immediately is problematic.  We are working hard to always be ahead of the virus and hope that the above gives one insight into our thinking and planning.

We are also in the midst of contingency planning in case all schools are instructed to close for a period of time.  With the significant expertise in the use of new technologies to enhance education, our plans include the delivery of virtual lessons and virtual work for students to complete whilst at home.  Staff are receiving additional training to prepare for this eventuality and we will communicate details of how things will work should we need to move to this phase of delivery.  For now, I would encourage you all to check that your child(ren) have a strong internet access to use from home if needed.

Please click on the link below to see the latest communication to all schools from the DfE with this communication for your note.

DfE Coronavirus Daily Update

Yours sincerely,

Alan Gray