Everyone arrived safely after a long journey on Monday. Quick up-pack and then meal, before an hour on the local beach.

Early start on Tuesday with two separate groups. One visited the Cider Farm whilst the second enjoyed a scenic walk along the coastline including rock pooling and learning about the local geography (thank you, Mr. Swann). Everyone then met up for a picnic on the beach before setting off to the historic town of Dinan to conduct a treasure hunt around the town. Students then had 45 minutes free time which was spent in the local ice cream parlour! Evening meal and then a second visit to the beach before bed.

Wednesday involved the reverse groupings in the morning, with coach 2 visiting the cider farm and coach 1 doing the coastal walk. We all met for a picnic on the beach before setting off to the walled city of St. Malo. A walk around the ramparts was followed by interviewing the locals (in French) before a little free time shopping (mostly for ice cream and food!). Another evening on the beach after our meal.

Thursday involved a lovely boat trip (although it was a bit choppy!) around the St Malo coastline for 1.5 hours, and then picnic on the beach in Cancale before the long-awaited visit to the Oyster Farm. Here students tasted an oyster, many for the first time. We then completed the day by stopping in at the local Hypermarket to purchase (mainly) chocolate, sweets and crisps. Evening meal and beach as usual, then an early breakfast tomorrow before leaving for home.

Friday morning  – early breakfast (7am) and left St. Malo at 8.05am. Long journey ahead but everyone happy (and quiet!)

Tuesday pictures

Wednesday pictures

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