German Exchange 2018

The German exchange took place last week. It’s in its 11th year. We welcomed 32 students and two teachers from the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Gymnasium in Quickborne, Hamburg.

We would like to thank all our parents for being such fabulous hosts and our colleagues, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Flahive and Ms Durrant who gavewillingly of their time to support this enriching experience for our youngsters.


A  Students Perspective

Our German exchanges arrived on Wednesday the 19th September and there was a lot of excitement when their coach arrived at school.

On the next day, Thursday, our exchanges came to school. During session one they enjoyed an English breakfast together. For session 2-5 they joined us in our lessons and learnt what it was like to be at Sandringham school. The year 10s had a German lesson in session 4 and our exchanges were interested to see how we learnt German. On Friday the exchanges went to London and saw the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. They loved London culture and were very excited to see landmarks despite the cold windy weather.

During the weekends everybody had freedom and could choose what to do with their exchanges. Leona and I decided to take our exchanges back to London because we knew that they were keen to go on the London Eye. From the top of the London eye we pointed out different landmarks including Buckingham Palace and House of Parliament and Big Ben. We then had lunch and headed towards Sky Gardens to enjoy another view of London. Once we arrived home we had a British speciality of fish and chips to show my exchange British culture.

On Monday both the English and German students went to Oxford. In Oxford we looked at a university and had tours of the city. The German exchanges found the city very historical and pretty and enjoyed the trip very much.The last full day, Tuesday, was also spent at school and they joined us in lessons as well. In session 5 the Germans went to do baking and baked scone butterfly cakes. Wednesday was the last day we spent with them, and they went to St Albans to see the Cathedral and the city. When they arrived back in school and left at 2pm to get their flight home to Hamburg, we had to say goodbye and there were many tears. We all had a wonderful time as it was very nice to get to know new people and make new friends. It was an experience that I will never forget and we are looking forward to going back in March.

 Bronwyn Wilkinson, Year 10