Below is a set of quick links to the documents that we are required to publish on our website by the Department for Education (details) and may be useful for Ofsted inspections, parents or other interested parties.


School or college contact details

Headteacher: Alan Gray

Chair of Governors: Professor Anna Cox

SENCO: Christopher Bloomfield

Each of these members of school leadership can be contacted via the details below:


Admission arrangements

Admissions information


Exclusion arrangements

Inclusion Policy


Ofsted reports

Ofsted reports


Exam and assessment results

GCSE and A-level results

GOV.UK school performance tables:



General Curriculum information

Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

Key Stage 4 Options: KS4 Options Booklet

Sixth Form Curriculum:


Behaviour policy

Please see ‘Behaviour Management’ on our main Policies page


Pupil premium


Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Please see ‘SEND Policy’ on our main Policies page


Equality objectives

Please see ‘Single Equality Policy’ on our main Policies page


Complaints policy

Please see ‘School Based Complaints’ policy on our main Policies page


Annual reports and accounts


Governors’ information and duties

Governors Information


Charging and remissions policies

Please see ‘Charging and Remission’ policy on our main Policies page


Values and ethos

Sandringham School Values and Ethos


Sandringham School Year 7 Catch Up

Sandringham School Year 7 Catch Up 2019-20


Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers provision