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Our Commitment

At Sandringham, we pride ourselves on forging and maintaining good relationships with all our parents and recognise the importance of working in partnership to ensure that students receive the best possible support and guidance throughout their time at the school. The details of our Home School Partnership are attached and we ask that students, parents and tutors sign the agreement and each party commits to upholding their part of the partnership. You will find the details of how we maintain contact with parents throughout their child’s school life under the ‘Parental Contact’ page.

Our belief is that ‘Everybody can be Somebody’ because we:

  • know unrecognised talent lies latent in all of us
  • believe in you not only as you are but also what you might become
  • want you to be able to achieve even more than you hoped to achieve
  • know that personal motivation is a critical factor in achieving success
  • should all be able to experience the excitement of learning and euphoria of success

Our values are to:

Have Respect for …

  • learning and achievement
  • each other: valuing different views, beliefs and cultures
  • our community: supporting activities and presenting a positive image of the school
  • the environment: keeping it clean and tidy and fit for learning
  • the school rules and regulations

Take Responsibility for ..

  • making significant progress and being a successful learner
  • setting high standards of behaviour, conduct, appearance and attitude
  • being independent learners and leaders, taking initiative and supporting others
  • meeting the challenges of the future and being confident in all that you do
  • making a positive contribution to society

Develop Relationships which …

  • are strong between each other in and out of school
  • allow you to lead safe and healthy lives and look after the well being of each other
  • help you think creatively and rationally and be enthusiastic about learning
  • help you know and value other people