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Parental Contact

Student Achievement Monitoring Programme (StAMP)

We have a comprehensive academic support system involving parent teacher consultation evenings, learning review days, an integrated reporting cycle and many other information evenings concerning support for examinations and how to learn most effectively.

Progress reports

At Sandringham we report to parents three times a year on their children’s progress. The purpose of this assessment, recording and reporting system is to provide regular information throughout the year to both students and parents on how students are progressing in relation to their academic ability and potential, based on prior data. More importantly, in line with our Assessment for Learning policy, it will offer advice on how students can improve.

Each progress report contains the following information:

Target Grades for each individual subject (based on ‘prior data’, especially performance in their most recent assessment);Current level of attainment in each individual subject;

Current progress (indicated by the difference between the student‘s current level of attainment and their Target Grade);

Attitude to learning, acknowledged by a number of indicators including:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Effort
  • Completion of homework
  • Number of rewards and consequence marks gained

In the summer term report, each individual subject teacher, the student’s Form Tutor and the year group‘s Director of Learning provide comments and advice to help guide each student‘s progress.

Reporting dates

Progress report 1:
After Autumn half term, ready for Learning Review Day

Progress report 2
According to year group, one week before the Parent Teacher Consultation

Progress report 3:
End of Summer term

The cycles differ slightly for year 11 (where the final report is in the spring term with an additional report containing trial exams results in January.) Whilst the process for reporting is similar in the sixth form, dates and report content are coordinated across the BeauSandVer Trust and so may differ slightly.

We have moved to a paperless system for reports delivery via the My Child At School system.

Learning Review day

Learning review day provides an opportunity for parents to discuss with tutors their child‘s progress across all subjects during a 15 minute session. Students should also attend these interviews. Parents are provided, in advance, with current information on their child‘s academic progress. At the interview targets for improvement are negotiated which are then monitored by the child&lsquos tutor.

Parent teacher consultations

Parent teacher consultation evenings are held once a year for each year group and provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with their class teachers to discuss progress in individual subjects.

Curriculum evenings

In addition parents are invited to special Curriculum Evenings: Year 8 into 9, Year 9 into 10 and Year 11 into 12. There are also Information Evenings for Year 12 parents to introduce them to their child‘s curriculum. There are GCSE information evenings during year 10 and 11 to support parents in preparing their children for their GCSE exams. Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to discuss their child‘s welfare and progress. Such enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the child‘s Director of Learning. Appointments can also be made with other members of the Leadership Group, including the Headteacher. Parents receive comprehensive termly reports highlighting academic progress and identifying areas for future development.

Ad hoc consultation

Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to discuss their child‘s welfare and progress. Such enquiries should be directed, in the first instance, to the child‘s year group Director of Learning (Head of Year). Appointments can also be made with other members of the Leadership Group, including the Head teacher.

My Child At School

We encourage parents to make use of our My Child At School online system where parents can review key data about their child’s education at any time of the year. This will contain the most recent data on attendance and rewards/consequences as well as a copy of all reports that we have produced on your child. For students in Key Stage 4 and 5, exam timetables for trial and public exams are available well in advance of the exam seasons. We are working with the systems vendor to increase the amount of data available via the system in future and it is a key part of our communication with parents.