eSafety at Sandringham

At Sandringham, we take the safety of our students in the physical and online worlds very seriously.

The school has a regular programme of eSafety awareness and education right from the early days of year 7 through to year 13, covering issues such as online safety, trustworthiness of websites, online threats such as malware, cyberbullying, sexting, digital footprint and building a positive digital reputation.

This is delivered via:

  • Skills for Leading and Learning in year 7
  • Digital Parenting magazine sent home to each year 7 parent
  • The LifeLong Learning curriculum through all years
  • UK Safer Internet Day assemblies in February of each year
  • Support via Tutors and Performance Directors
  • All students sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for IT services at school, and school networks and Wifi are filtered and monitored.

Almost all cyberbullying incidents take place outside of school hours. We explain to students that their online conduct outside hours still needs to meet the standards of behavior we would expect and all reports of cyberbullying will be investigated and taken seriously.

We encourage parents to maintain active discussions with their children around eSafety, put filtering in place at home and to impose sensible time limits on the use of devices at home. Parents may be interested in the OurPact app that can help to easily manage this. ( Any homework that may require Internet access will be published on Show My Homework with guidance on the time that the task should take to complete.

The following information relating to eSafety may be useful for parents: