Science Week 2018 : ‘Finish the Forest’

The big news is that we are here. This week is British Science week, and our 6 month plan to ‘Finish the Forest’ finally reaching fruition.

Classes from Year 11 have started the project this morning with over 200 trees planted today.

Mrs. Mapley and Mr. Head have been meticulous in their preparation for what will be one of the largest ever whole-school activities yet. We have been given the privilege of planting the last trees in the 10-year Heartwood Forest project – with over 650,000 trees in total and every species of native tree in England on show.

Throughout the week all students will be taken to the planting site, plant their own tree and then walk back through some of the forest before returning to school. What they will leave is a legacy for the future, with their own comments attached to their tree but more importantly something that will help improve the planet.

All staff will have the opportunity to go with the students, and on Friday afternoon we will complete the project with a 4m Oak Tree being planted on the school site, together with a time-capsule containing comments from us for future people to enjoy.

There are many other activities taking place throughout the week – including the annual Chemistry Show on Tuesday evening in the  SandPit Theatre.

We are sharing updates and images from Heartswood Forest throughout the week on our Twitter and Facebook pages so do follow us and @sandringhamschool.