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Equipping your child

If your child already has a suitable device

  • We would recommend a sturdy case to transport it to school (e.g. the Griffin Survivor or Otterbox Defender series).
  • Parents are advised to have insurance/accidental damage cover for the device and this may well already be covered under your home contents policy. School insurance will not cover student-owned devices.
  • The school will require you and your child to sign an Acceptable Use Policy. Students will be allowed to keep their own content on their devices.

If your child does not already have a suitable device

  • The best deals on suitable devices are constantly changing, so it is impossible for us to recommend a specific device from a specific vendor. Two retailers that we use for school equipment and can recommend are and John Lewis and PC World can offer personal service and good warranty cover.
  • Around 70% of students at Sandringham choose iPads and these have proven to be durable.
  • If you qualify for Pupil Premium support, we are able to provide a loan device. Further details can be obtained from our Pupil Premium Coordinators – Louise Turner and Emily Harrison via
  • Equality of access is a key goal of the scheme and no child should be disadvantaged by this project.

Please make sure that your child brings their device to school each day and that it is fully charged. There are a small number of lockers with charging points in the Network Support office and an iPad can be borrowed for the day if needed. If your child’s device is broken or in for repair, please provide them with a note in their planner explaining the current situation and when you expect the device to be repaired or replaced by. The school only has the capacity to loan devices on a short term basis.