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The Sandringham Apps Toolkit

The applications in the toolkit are organised by learning activity, with links to the Apple AppStore / Google Play store and for Windows where available.

These applications are those that are useful cross-faculty.It may be that some subjects ask students to download apps specific to their subject – teachers will ask students to download these and also notify parents via Show My Homework.

Apps for students: Apps for students eBook lite v1.4

Please help students in making sure that they have downloaded the apps to their devices. All students in year 7 will have a 6 lesson introduction to using their devices and setting up their email etc. in their Skills for Leading and Learning lessons in the first half term.

Tablet safety and security

It is important to look after the safety of devices on the way to and from school and whilst at school



We recommend the following:

  • Don’t advertise your device unnecessarily – keep it in your bag on the way to and from school. Thankfully no Sandringham student has had their tablet stolen in the three years that the scheme has been running.
  • Security mark your device (e.g. with a UV pen) and register the serial number on the website This will help the police to return it to you if it is lost or stolen.
  • Enable features on your device to track the location, e.g. Find my iPhone. This can quickly establish the whereabouts of the device and lock/erase it if necessary
  • Have a sturdy case and keep the tablet in it! Damage at school tends to be when devices are removed from the cases or the case isn’t strong enough for school use.
  • Further information is available from Hertfordshire police here

Finally, we have a poster with some tips (and rules!): SandringhamTerrificTabletTips