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Sandringham School provides careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to students at all stages of their school career.  We firmly believe that it is our role to ensure students are informed, have opportunities to reflect, have access to a wide range of careers opportunities and are thus able to make informed choices about each step of their career.


The Careers Team

Careers Leader: Fergal Moane, Deputy Headteacher

Careers Coordinator: Binh Tang

Sixth Form Careers and Apprenticeship Coordinator: Vivienne Boost

Careers Governor: Luke Sieger


Our Careers Programme

Sandringham is committed to providing the highest quality careers provision and has ensured that the government’s required Gatsby Benchmarks are in place within our extensive careers programme. The eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance are as follows:


  • A stable careers programme
  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal guidance


A document outlining how we are meeting these benchmarks at Sandringham can be downloaded here.


Below we outline key careers events that make up a significant part of our careers programme. For all students, we provide access to a careers library, situated in the school library, access to personal guidance from an independent YC Hertfordshire Careers Advisor and provide students with a range of careers information and advice through the whole-school LL curriculum.  In addition, we are proud to provide the following range of bespoke opportunities for each year group to support students on their careers journey.


Year 7

Work shadowing day

In Year 7, all students have the opportunity to spend a day shadowing a parent or family friend at work.  This enables students to get a taste of the workplace and begin to consider future career pathways.


Year 8

Employer encounters

All students in Year 8 attend termly presentations from a range of employers across a variety of industry sectors where they hear more about the world of work and pathways to different careers. We work with a variety of local and national employers, from the NHS through to publishing companies and leading engineering companies.


Year 9

Careers Aspiration Day

All students in Year 9 engage in an Extended Learning Day that focuses on their future career pathways.  This includes meeting sixth formers, university students, apprenticeship providers and employers.  Students are also supported to engage in their own careers research by YC Hertfordshire advisors.


Year 9 into 10 Transition

As students select their options for GCSE, all Year 9 students are supported through a Year 9 into 10 Options Evening, one to one options personal guidance sessions and optional personal sessions with advisors from YC Hertfordshire.


Year 10

University Aspiration Day

All Year 10 students experience an Extended Learning Day where they visit a university (e.g. Brunel, Hertfordshire, Oxford, Cambridge) in order to get a taste of university life.  This includes campus tours, opportunities to meet students and university staff.


Morrisby Testing

From Year 10 onwards, students are invited to engage with Morrisby Testing, an independent careers profiling service.  This can play a valuable role in supporting students to consider their career pathway.


Work Experience

All Year 10 students engage in work experience for a week during E Week.  Students have scope to seek out their own placements or select those provided by our partners, YC Hertfordshire.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to engage in work, build their skills and consider their personal career pathway.

For more information please see here.


Year 11

‘You’re Hired’ Extended Learning Day

All Year 11 students take part in Extended Learning Day focusing on building confidence on their chosen career pathway.  Each student prepares their own CV, getting feedback from a professional.  Students are given mock interviews by an employer and supported to reflect on this.  Furthermore, they are given the opportunity to meet local colleges and to learn more about apprenticeships and career pathways.


Sixth Form and College Transition

All Year 11 students are supported as they make the transition beyond Year 11 to further education and training.  All students receive one-to-one Sixth Form/College Options guidance sessions.  The school’s Into the Sixth Evening provides valuable information about life in the Sixth Form. YC Hertfordshire provide information about college pathways at Year 11 events and students can opt for personal guidance meetings also.


Year 12

Work experience

In the Sixth Form, all students are supported to organise their own workplace visits in February. This plays a key role in their future applications to apprenticeships and universities.


Futures ELD

During E Week, all Year 12 students take part in a series of ‘Futures’ events including meeting representatives from universities, a range of careers and apprenticeship providers.  Students learn about the UCAS process in detail empowering them to make competitive applications.  Students interested in applying for apprenticeships are provided with a bespoke programme of support and events to ensure they are successful in securing the very best places available.  For students interested in applying for Oxbridge, Medicine or Veterinary Science, there is also a bespoke programme in place.


Year 13

Futures ELD

All students engage in an Extended Learning Day to seek advice and complete applications to the highest standard.


University Visits

Students applying to university are supported to attend at least two universities in order to learn more about their chosen courses and the different university provision on offer to them.


Careers Newsletter

All Sixth Form student receive a termly newsletter to keep them updated about work experience placements, apprenticeship opportunities, careers and university taster days.  This is a valuable source of information for students.



If you would like to assist with a careers event or to share your own career journey with our students please contact us by emailing our Careers Coordinator: Binh Tang via