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Modern Languages

Learning a foreign language gives us the opportunity and skills to communicate with people in other countries and learn about their cultures, as well as learn more about our own language. We need to get away from the attitude that ‘everyone speaks English’ and develop a more global perspective. Following the Brexit vote, it is even more important that we learn languages and can communicate with  those in other countries and understand their cultures.

At Sandringham we offer three modern languages: French, German and Spanish. Most students are expected to learn a foreign language up to GCSE and some continue to AS, A2 and university, either as a main subject of study or alongside another discipline such as Business.

Learning a foreign language and being able to communicate is fun and exciting, especially with some of the interactive games and resources we have at Sandringham to help learn new vocabulary.

We offer French or German in Year 7, with top sets in year 8 currently taking up Spanish as a second language. Students learn to talk about themselves, their families, friends and interests. They learn about the various countries where the language is spoken, and about their cultures. Students develop the skill of manipulating language by applying the rules to new situations as they become competent and confident language users.

Most students are expected to study one foreign language to GCSE level. At Sandringham, we offer students the choice of French, German and Spanish, following the AQA specification. Whichever language they choose, students will learn to communicate effectively in it through listening, speaking, reading and writing, and through understanding how each language is constructed. Students learn with the help of books, music, films and two dedicated IT suites.

Students follow the AQA course at A Level. The A2 curriculum has a broad content covering current affairs and includes cultural topics through the study of a book and a film. Students work closely with the language assistants to improve their speaking and listening skills.


  • Year 8 trip to Brittany
  • Year 9 trip to Mosel valley
  • German Exchange to Hamburg
  • French Exchange to Annecy
  • Spanish Exchange to Seville
  • 6th form study trip to Paris
  • Year 11/12 Visit to our partner school in The Gambia.

Director of Learning: David Williams

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