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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Our aim is to deliver a rich and inspiring curriculum which gives every student the opportunity to understand and communicate in a foreign language. The curriculum allows students to appreciate how languages work and enables them to apply this understanding to both foreign languages and their own. In addition to their linguistic development, students also gain an insight into another culture and way of life, thus broadening their global awareness. Above all, language learning at Sandringham provides mastery of transferable skills such as critical thinking, independent study, creative thinking and problem-solving.

We offer French or German in Year 7, with top sets in year 8 currently taking up Spanish as a second language. Students learn to talk about themselves, their families, friends and interests. They learn about the various countries and cultures where the language is spoken. Students develop the skill of manipulating language by applying the rules to new situations as they become competent and confident language users.

Most students are expected to study one foreign language to GCSE level. At Sandringham, we offer students the choice of French, German and Spanish, following the AQA specification. Whichever language they choose, students will learn to communicate effectively in written and spoken language and develop a high level of competency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills. Students will also gain a thorough understanding how each language is

Students follow the AQA course at A Level. The curriculum has a broad content and, in addition to the language itself, it covers aspects of the culture, history, politics and contemporary issues in the French / Spanish-speaking world. There is also the opportunity to study one film and one novel in depth. Students work closely with the language assistants to improve their speaking and listening skills.


At KS3, parents can support learning by engaging with the high-frequency vocabulary project, which can be accessed via the KS3 curriculum tab. Beyond this, parents can further support by encouraging students to adopt good learning habits around accumulating vocabulary related to the programme of study.


  • Year 8 trip to Brittany
  • Year 8 trip to Mosel valley
  • German Exchange to Hamburg
  • French Exchange to Annecy, including Y12 work experience
  • Spanish Exchange to Seville


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