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Physical Education

All students receive two one hour lessons a week. Throughout the year all students will experience a wide range of physical activities. These activities include Games (such as basketball, football, rugby, netball, hockey, rounders, cricket and tennis), as well as gymnastics, swimming, trampolining, badminton, dance, outdoor adventurous activities, athletics and health related fitness. Many of these activities are now taught in single sex groups and also in streamed prior attainment groups.

All students also receive five one hour PE lessons a week across a two week timetable.  Within allocation we plan to ensure that each student works within an accredited PE and Sport pathway. Each pathway offers either an examination or an accreditation in a Level 2 course and may be academic or a sport related vocational course, either in GCSE PE or BTEC Sport Certificate.

For example, in these lessons students may follow:

  • GCSE Physical Education (Full Course)
  • BTEC First in Sport Certificate

Sandringham School is responsible for delivering both A Level Physical Education (currently the AQA syllabus) and the Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Sport and Physical Activity. There is a high expectation that students who are on the A-Level PE course assist the PE Faculty during lesson time and with extra-curricular practices. Each student in Year 12 is also expected to complete at least one hour of physical activity to ensure a healthy active lifestyle is maintained alongside academic study.

Extra – curricular and enrichment programme

The PE Faculty has an outstanding sporting tradition and there is an extensive extra-curricular and out of hours learning programme offered to ALL students across the school. The Department offers a full programme of inter-school sports which can be divided into the following categories:

  • National Competitions
  • County Competitions
  • District Competitions
  • Friendly Fixtures
  • Inter House competitions

The Faculty recognises the unique contribution that extra-curricular clubs can offer students at school and this is reflected in the wide range of competitive and non-competitive activities that are offered. The school’s house system is strong and the PE Faculty support this fully with regular inter-house competitions in a full range of sports.

Many of the extra-curricular clubs are not related to a particular school team and are offered to encourage a greater number of students to participate in sport simply for enjoyment and fun, as well as to improve their individual performance and understanding of the importance of physical activity.

Whole-school health and well-being is considered very important at Sandringham and, to support this, the PE Department currently organises, promotes and delivers a “Fit for Life” week across the whole school. The primary objectives behind this are to promote the benefits to all of pursuing a healthy lifestyle through engaging in physical activity. This is achieved through providing a range of physical activities to enable both students and staff to `kick start’ a new health and fitness regime. The week often culminates in a whole school Charity Run challenging students to participate in a 5 mile multi-terrain run around the local area whilst also raising money for worthy causes.

Finally, the PE Department has been responsible for organising enriching sporting experiences, for example, trips to watch sporting events, sports tours abroad and ski trips. The Leadership team feel strongly that these trips are a valuable part of the students’ whole school experience and entitlement. Aside from encouraging positive and rewarding relationships with other students and staff, these experiences make students feel a part of our school and it develops their sense of belonging and pride.


The Department boasts very good PE and sports facilities including a full sided all weather 4G astroturf pitch, 25 metre swimming pool, a standard gymnasium, 2 dance studios, outside hardcourt areas with 6 Tennis courts and 4 Netball courts, expansive playing fields accommodating two well-maintained football pitches and two rugby pitches, a strength and conditioning suite. This helps us to meet and extend the range of PE and sporting activities on offer, both to students and to the local community.

As a thriving community school, the existing PE facilities are used daily by our primary feeder schools, the local community and various community groups.

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