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Key Stage 3

Our vision is to deliver World Class learning to all students

The purpose of the school is to be a learning community where young people and adults share the search for knowledge, truth and pursuit of excellence.

Our belief is that ‘Everybody can be Somebody‘ because we:

  • know unrecognised talent lies latent in all of us
  • believe in you not only as you are but also what you might become
  • want you to be able to achieve even more than you hoped to achieve
  • know that personal motivation is a critical factor in achieving success
  • should all be able to experience the excitement of learning and euphoria

Our values are to: Have Respect for …

  • learning and achievement
  • each other: valuing different views, beliefs and cultures
  • our community: supporting activities and presenting a positive image of the school
  • the environment: keeping it clean and tidy and fit for learning
  • the school rules and regulations

Take Responsibility for …

  • making significant progress and being a successful learner
  • setting high standards of behaviour, conduct, appearance and attitude
  • being independent learners and leaders,taking initiative and supporting others
  • meeting the challenges of the future and being confident in all that you do
  • making a positive contribution to society

Develop Relationships which …

  • are strong between each other in and out of school
  • allow you to lead safe and healthy lives and look after the well being of each other
  • help you think creatively and rationally and be enthusiastic about learning
  • help you know and value other people
“The outstanding leadership and management of the school have been the catalyst in the excellent all-round education of students.”

We believe in developing students‘ capacity to learn so that they become more and more independent as they progress through the school. Students who understand how they learn and are engaged by subjects achieve high levels of success. This principle underpins our teaching and learning across all subjects. We also believe that students learn more powerfully when they have the opportunity to deliver learning themselves and student participation in lessons is a regular feature of our work.

Staff at Sandringham incorporate a wide range of learning styles into their teaching and undertake regular training to ensure they consistently deliver lessons of the very highest standard. Extensive use of new technologies is used to enhance learning and we continue to make significant investment in ICT to deliver a curriculum that is exciting and relevant to young people. Most importantly, the strength of relationships between students and staff allows everyone to succeed in their learning.