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Year 9 Modular Curriculum

Most schools offer the same subjects to all students at Key Stage 3 with no choice. At Sandringham, we have a different approach and provide some students in Year 9 with an opportunity to make a choice of some subjects in preparation for taking your GCSEs and other Level 2 qualifications in Years 10 and 11.

What stays the same?

For many subjects, the allocation remains unchanged from Year 8:

  • English, Mathematics and Science – 3 hours each
  • Art, Drama, Music – 1 hour each
  • History, Geography, RS – 1 hour each
  • Computer Science – 1 hour
  • PE – 2 hours
  • Design / Food Technology – 2 hours
  • Personal Development – 1 hour

What changes?

  • 2 hours of Modern Foreign Languages (French or German) instead of 3 hours
  • No Arts carousel
  • Core subjects (Science, Mathematics, English) may start GCSE work in Year 9 to accommodate the increased content attached to the new GCSEs.

How does the modular curriculum work?

In addition to the subjects outlined above, there are two opportunities each week for students not studying Spanish as a second language to opt into a wide range of modular courses.

Most modules are taught in 9 week blocks, after which time students are asked to make new choices. A few modules require students to commit for the entire year.

Sandringham’s modular curriculum provides students with:

  1. An early taster of the GCSE and A level courses offered at Key Stage 4 & 5, e.g. Media Studies, Dance, Business Studies or Psychology.
  2. Extra stretch and challenge – Level 2 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an increasingly popular choice. There is also an opportunity to earn a Bronze Crest Award in Science.
  3. The opportunity for those students in top set French or German to continue with your second language of Spanish.
  4. The opportunity to take another hour of a subject you really enjoy doing e.g. Art, Drama, Music or Food Technology.
  5. A chance to try your hand at a range of other vocational and interest modules such as Sports Leadership, Debating and Product Design.

More information is available at the ‘Module Fayre’ which takes place each May to help to select options for the following September in year 9