Sandringham aims to embrace the needs of all students

Sandringham is committed to providing for all students:

  • an environment where no student suffers adverse discrimination on the grounds of educational, physical or social difficulties
  • support in developing a personal philosophy which says 'I am valued for who and what I am now, but I have potential which I want to realise to the full'

Starting secondary school

At Sandringham we do our best to help our Year 7 students find the transition from primary school not just interesting and exciting, but also comfortable. All Year 7s get special treatment, but we also work hard to make sure that we are ready to meet the needs of students with SEND. Here's how...

Making things easy

Some of the things parents and carers tell us they find particularly helpful are form tutors; the Learning Support team; the library team; Student Services; our culture, rewards and consequences system and students' planners. Together they help make the school a simple, safe and predictable environment. Here's how...

An inclusive school/Local offer

Sandringham takes pride in its innovative and inclusive approach to SEND. We offer our students wide opportunities, and the flexibility that ensures each student's learning can be relevant to their needs. Here's how...

Pastoral system, learning support

Our pastoral system is at the heart of our SEND provision. Every student has a tutor group and each year group has a Director of Learning who acts as head of year and supports tutors and students. The Learning Support team is key to ensuring our SEND provision is effective. Here's how...

Partnership with parents, carers and students

We know that by working together we can ensure our students can make the most of their time at school, and we try to work in partnership. Here's how...

Contacting the school about SEND

If you need practical help about something your child has forgotten, or is confused about something, Student Services on 01727 759240 can often help.

If you have concerns, issues or information for the school, your first point of contact is always your child's tutor (for a list of tutors click here). If you email the school at or call Reception on 01727 759240 and give brief details of who you want to contact and why, and give your contact details, your message will be delivered swiftly and you will get a response as soon as possible.

Tutors will liaise with other teachers, the Director of Learning responsible for pastoral care of the year group, and the Learning Support team as needed. They will follow any issues through to resolution either directly or by referring you to others, keeping in touch with progress.

We look forward to working with you.

Director of Learning: Chris Bloomfield