Whole group GCSE 2018
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Sandringham School Results

GCSE Results 2018

A year where the majority of GCSEs were reformed and graded on new 9-1 grading scheme saw record results for Sandringham students. Over 200 grade 9s were awarded to our students and over 50 students achieved 7 or more results at grade 9-7 (equivalent to old A-A*)

In the core subjects of English and Maths, an astonishing 91% of students achieved a grade 4 or better (equivalent to a C grade) and 80% achieved grade 5 and above.

The average attainment score of 6.4 is a new record at Sandringham, meaning that all of our students achieved above a old B grade on average.

Headteacher Mr Gray said  “I am incredibly proud of all our students for what they have achieved this summer. They have been heavily involved in many extra-curricular activities and charity events but managed to balance this with their academic studies and examinations. As a result, they are very well-balanced individuals who will be extremely successful in the future. We look forward to following their progress from now on.”


GCSE 2018

30%   Grade 9-8 (old A*)

48%   Grade 9-7 (old A and A*)

93%   Grade 9-4 (old A*-C)

80%   grade 5 + in English and mathematics

91%   level 4 + in English and mathematics

6.4   Average Attainment 8 score (average of grade B across all subjects)

ALPS 2  Progress score (top 10% of all schools)

Progress 8 : +0.8


Three-year trends
2018 2017 2016
%9-7 (A*-A) 48% 44% 35%
Progress 8 0.8 0.85 0.68
Attainment 8 6.4 6.1 6
English and Maths – Standard Pass (grade 4) 91% 85% 88%
English and Maths – Strong Pass (grade 5) 80% 75% n/a
Ebacc 51% 56% 45%
9-7 Grades 48%
English and Mathematics Strong Pass 80%
English and Mathematics Standard Pass 91%

A Level Results 2018

Students across the BeauSandVer Education Trust have set new records in academic attainment and with a broad and diverse range of university courses and an increasing number of apprenticeships.

While some pupils like head girl Bella Priestman-Bennett, who is off to Cambridge to read History, and head boy Benji Watkins, who will be studying Medicine at Imperial, are following the traditional route to university, some students have decided to follow a career path; such as Elliot Brinkworth, who joins Harrods, and Alex Darlington at Google, who are both on Higher Apprenticeships

100% of students passed their A-levels with grades A*-E. Education analytics company ALPS confirmed that Sandringham’s 2018 results put us in the top 1% of nearly 3,000 schools in terms of student progress.

Headteacher Alan Gray said: “These are wonderful results that demonstrate the hard work and talent of all our senior students. They have achieved their dream of moving on to the next phase of their education. I would like to congratulate all the students and thank the staff at the school for the exceptional quality of their teaching. Well done everyone!”


BSV Consortium A-level results 2018

31%    A* – A

65%    A* – B

88%    A* – C

38       Average points per entry (grade B)

A* - A Grades 31%
A* - B Grades 65%
A* - C Grades 88%

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