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The House System

In order to create a sense of community and evoke some healthy competition amongst students and staff, Sandringham operates a House System. Students are organised into eight houses, each representing an inspiring British Icon.  Each house icon has made a significant and long lasting contribution to society and reflect the attributes we strive to instil in our young individuals at Sandringham.


Johnson House – Amy Johnson, aviator and adventurer

Newton House – Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, astronomer, physicist

Austen House – Jane Austen, novelist, social commentator

Fawcett House – Millicent Fawcett, suffragist and women’s rights campaigner

Elgar House – Sir Edward Elgar, composer

Turing House – Alan Turing, mathematician and computer scientist

Shakespeare House – William Shakespeare, playwright

Hepworth House – Barbara Hepworth, artist and sculptor


Students are given the opportunity to represent their house in a wide range of activities including; house debates, inter-house sports competitions, Maths Challenge, English spelling Bee and Sandringham’s got talent. The vast selection of events reflects our intention to make our house system holistic and engaging; we aim to give everyone the chance to shine. Another important focus of the house system is raising money for charity; students take part in at least three house charity events a year. All money raised is donated to Sandringham’s annual chosen charity. This year we are raising money for Rainforest Alliance. Students are also given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills within the house system. Sixth form students can apply for the role of House Captains and are at the fore-front of all events and advancements. Younger students can also become Form Captains. We are very proud of House System at Sandringham and aim to make every member of our community feel a sense of belonging and pride every time they enter through our school gates.