A ‘treemendous’ week at Sandringham !


What a treemendous week! Our whole school Science Week project called Finish the Forest ended last Friday with a grand total of 2661 trees being planted by students and staff at Heartwood Forest. Over 40 coach trips took students from every year group throughout the week to plant trees, and to help finish a 10 year planting project by The Woodland Trust. The enthusiasm and resilience from students and staff in rain or shine was overwhelming. Hearing the stories behind the labels that students attached to their trees were amongst our favourite moments from the week. Some were passionate about environmental issues, others wanted to remember special people. All were well thought out, and meaningful.

Baroness Young, Chair of The Woodland Trust met with many of our 6th form students on Thursday and discussed topics such as biodiversity, agriculture, GM crops, and gender equality. She then joined some younger students at Heartwood to plant a tree. She also presented the School with the Gold Green Trees Schools Award from The Woodland Trust.

The final tree planted by students was on our school field. It is an English Oak regarded to have more species of wildlife associated with it than any other tree. There is a time capsule buried beneath it, hand crafted by the DT Faculty and filled by the Student Leadership Team.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this project. In particular FOSS, whose large donation made the project possible, staff who have willingly volunteered their time, and parents who I am sure have put up with a fair amount of mud!

Mrs Mapley & Mr Head