German Exchange 2018

On Wednesday 7th March, sixteen excited (and brave!) Year 9 students made their way to Quickborn, in north-western Germany, for the return leg of this year’s German Exchange.

We were welcomed at the airport by the host families, their dogs and a large Union Jack; then the students were whisked away for their first evening in Germany! Year 9 (as well as Frau Kincaid, Frau Hewitt and Frau Hood) were able to spend a few days in a German secondary school, taking part in lessons, and meeting the head teacher, Herr Brandt. It was fascinating to see the differences between the two school systems as well as the many ways in which our school experiences are similar.

We had two fantastically organised days out, led by the German teachers; in Berlin students learnt about the recent history of the city via a visit to the “Mauer Museum”, and were able to read about (and touch!) the Berlin Wall. A trip up to the top of the “Fernsehturm” (TV tower) was the perfect end to the day. Students had fantastic weekends with their host families, some going to the seaside, and others visiting nearby cities. Monday saw the group undertake a visit to Hamburg. Despite the near-constant rain spirits stayed high, ice creams were eaten, and the day ended with a trip to “Miniaturwunderland”, a very impressive interactive display of model cities and landscapes.

It has been a fantastic week; huge thanks to all those who made it happen and here’s to next year!