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Student Support

Achieving Success

Recognising and rewarding achievement is central to our philosophy for success and supports our core value of respect for learning.

We have a very strong reward system which celebrates all levels of success and encourages students to do their very best.

We provide a termly report to parents on their child‘s progress and exceptional effort is rewarded with a special letter of congratulations from the Headteacher.

Throughout the year, students receive commendations for excellent work which contribute towards various levels of awards presented in year assemblies. We also monitor attendance closely and, each term, special prizes are given to students for exceptional attendance. At the end of the year special prize giving assemblies are held where students receive public recognition for their achievements through a variety of awards and trophies.

We invite parents to these assemblies to celebrate the achievements of their children. In December, an annual awards evening is held for students to receive their examination certificates and other prestigious school awards.

To further promote and celebrate success, staff nominate students on a termly basis for a Roll of Honour board in each curriculum area of the school. These are displayed close to each subject area and students receive congratulatory letters for their achievement.

Academic Support

We have a comprehensive academic support system involving Parent Teacher Consultation evenings, a Learning Review Day, an integrated reporting cycle and many other information evenings concerning support for examinations and how to learn most effectively.

The Parent Teacher Consultation evenings are held once a year for each year group and provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with their class teachers to discuss progress in individual subjects.

The learning review day provides an opportunity for parents to discuss with tutors their child‘s progress across all subjects during a 15 minute session. Students should also attend this interview. Parents are provided, in advance, with current information on their child‘s academic progress. At the interview targets for improvement are negotiated which are then monitored by the child‘s tutor.

In addition parents are invited to special Curriculum Evenings: Year 8 into 9, Year 9 into 10 and Year 11 into 12. There are also Information Evenings for Year 12 parents to introduce them to their child‘s curriculum and Year 11 parents are invited to an Achievement for All evening to assist with final GCSE preparation. Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to discuss their child‘s welfare and progress. Such enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the child‘s Director of Learning. Appointments can also be made with other members of the Leadership Group, including the Headteacher. Parents receive comprehensive termly reports highlighting academic progress and identifying areas for future development.