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Life in the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form has a pre-university style culture with extremely high expectations and challenges, but equally high rewards at the end. It constitutes the best days of school at Sandringham for many students.

‘Sixth formers are wonderful role models for younger students, through their responsibilities in the school, the day to day support that they give to younger students and their involvement in community activities’.  Ofsted

We have very high expectations of our students as we want you to make the most of every opportunity on offer. There are a firm set of procedures to ensure that the high standards are met at all times. Students are asked to read and agree to the terms of a personalised Sixth Form Learning Agreement in the first half term. Attendance is monitored very closely and procedures are in place to contact parents and carers if there is no reason provided for an absence.

Sixth Form Facilities

We have a large, purpose built sixth form centre and opened two new extensions in December 2012; the upstairs silent study area and the Starbucks Cafe. The downstairs quiet study zone has also been upgraded.

This means that students can choose where they want to study during the day (and after school), similar to a university style environment. A structured programme of tutorials and progress monitoring helps students to fulfil their potential in chosen specialist areas.

Apart from the Sixth Form block, students have the full use of the school library which stocks a wide range of subject journals aimed at A-level and undergraduate level, as well as a careers section. The school is also well served by wi-fi and communications technology and we would encourage all students to bring in a laptop or other device. Many subjects make full use of Google Classroom and Google Docs to share resources and undertake tasks. Our fantastic whole school facilities in all areas, including the SandPit theatre for the arts, our new state of the art sports hall and the brand new computing, maths and science block are used extensively by sixth form students.

Sixth Form Dress Code

All Sixth form students are expected to set an example to the rest of the school through their high standard of business like dress and the way they present themselves. We believe that this is appropriate to our whole sixth form work ethic of focus whilst students are on site and also removes some elements of peer pressure which can occur in informal dress codes.

The intention of the sixth form dress code is to maintain the smart appearance of the lower school years but allows a degree of flexibility, in acknowledgement of the role of the sixth former and their progression towards higher education or the world of employment. A sixth form student should be able to leave the school site and immediately attend a formal interview without having to change their appearance.

The dress code can be downloaded below


The school day

Students in Year 12 have to attend school full-time, 8.30am-3.00pm. The day starts with a 15 minute Form Time so that form tutors can support students daily and distribute necessary information. There are five lessons each of one hour. Students will have some supervised study sessions in their timetable when they don’t have a lesson, they will need to sign in with the Learning Supervisor in these sessions and work in the quiet or silent study areas. All students are expected to use their study periods effectively and complete at least five hours of independent study per subject per week – so time management is extremely important. We recommend that students do not engage in more than 8 hours of paid employment per week.

In addition, there is one hour of PE scheduled per week for students, where there are a wide range of activities on offer appropriate for post 16 students and one of Life Long Learning (see pastoral care for more information about this).


Bring Your Own Device

As befits our philosophy of preparing students for university or third level education, we make extensive use of electronic communication and learning resources. The majority of sixth form subjects make use of email, Google Drive and Classroom and other tools to share learning resources with students and encourage independent research and wider study. The school campus has full WiFi coverage in each classroom to facilitate this, with all students entitled to unlimited online storage on Google Drive and a free license for Microsoft Office suite.

The subjects below have requested that students bring a laptop or Chromebook to lessons in order to support learning, research, coursework and practical activities.

Sixth form subjects – laptop/Chromebook required

  • Level 3 Applied Science
  • Art – Photography
  • Art – Fine
  • Art – Textiles
  • Biology
  • Business
  • BTEC Business Level 3
  • BTEC Sport – (Level 3) Double
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Dance
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Extended Project Qualification
  • Geography
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Physics
  • Product Design
  • Psychology


More information can be found in the Blended Learning/BYOD pages elsewhere on this website and in the document below