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Frequently Asked Questions

Research shows improvements in student engagement, independent learning and collaboration. There are increased opportunities for personalisation of learning and extension of learning beyond the classroom.

This is a classroom management issue, to be dealt with in a similar way to doodling or staring out the window! We will have an additional consequence to deal with misuse of devices in lessons, and teachers will have the full discretion to require students to put the devices away. Mobile phones must not be used during school time and notifications from social media are blocked by the school filtering systems.

All students will be required to use the school filtered internet (3G/4G must be switched off during normal school times). Access to social networking will be blocked for all but sixth-form. All students will need to sign an Acceptable Use Policy that governs appropriate use of the devices and breaches of this will be dealt with using the school Consequences system.

Sandringham is committed to developing student’s literacy, numeracy and writing/speaking skills. It is a fact that most exams are still written, and certain work will be required to be handwritten. Teachers may decide not to use the devices in certain lessons or not at all if no relevant learning opportunity exists to use the technology. However, the devices will allow access to the wealth of online learning resources and result in a powerful, blended learning approach.

We recommend having a sturdy case for each device. Griffin Survivor or Otterbox Defender has been the most successful in protecting devices in school environments. In UK schools that have already rolled out one-to-one devices, there have been very few incidences of theft. We recommend that devices are covered by insurance (check household policies before buying from a specialist such as Students are recommended to store their devices in lockers, particularly during lunchtimes and PE lessons.

Please address questions to Mark Allday, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for eLearning and the school BYOD programme: