We believe in the transformative power of art and its unique place in the wider curriculum. Our aim is to inspire students to explore the creative process and achieve the highest standards in their individual artwork. Our creative curriculum provides students with diverse opportunities to study current and past masters while learning core skills through a variety of media. Most importantly of all, we look to ensure the process of making artwork is all consuming and enjoyable, allowing our students to create unique work that they can feel truly proud of.

Our Visual Arts team consists of highly experienced Art and Design teachers with specialisms that include drawing, painting, textiles, jewellery-making, printing, ceramics and photography. We teach in five newly refurbished art studios with a central exhibition area, dark room and computer suite. Our Art technician plays a vital role in supporting the team and running the Art shop, which is open every day for students to purchase their sketchbooks and materials.

Enrichment Opportunities

We are delighted to be part of a highly innovative wider Arts team at Sandringham and continually seek to collaborate to provide cross-curricular opportunities for our students such as Arts Week and collaborative ELD days. We have participated in many local exhibitions and events. Most recently, student’s work has been exhibited at the National Students Art Exhibition at the Mall galleries, Hertfordshire Schools Exhibition and St Albans Cathedral. Our close proximity to London allows for plenty of guided gallery visits and events such as our annual ‘Art on Tour.’ We enjoy regular visits from local artists and regularly enjoy workshops delivered for students by The Royal Academy and local artists such as the Dacorum and Chiltern Potter’s Guild.


Our Extra Curricular provision for 2014 includes:

  • Art Club
  • Photography Club
  • Memory Project Club
  • Coursework Surgeries

At Key Stage 3, we offer a range of thematic projects that will help our students develop a variety of skills in traditional and new media. Our projects have been carefully designed to introduce students to a spectrum of artists and craftspeople in order to facilitate their understanding of art in its broadest context. Students will also develop artistic confidence and visual recording skills through structured and engaging lessons.

At the beginning of all creative work, students will be taught how to examine artefacts from across times and wider cultures to provide insight into the visual world around them. Each term, students will produce an in-depth project allowing them to work towards a personal piece of artwork in either 2D or 3D media.

Our Thematic Projects at KS3 are diverse and enable students to develop a variety of skills and contextual understanding. Our projects explore a variety of topics including Natural Forms, Portraiture, Art from other Cultures, The Human Figure and Mythical Creatures.

GCSE Art and Design at Sandringham offers students the opportunity to select Fine Art, Photography or Textiles to expand their practical and conceptual skills. During the course, students develop artistic skills, creativity, imagination and independence while creating personal work in their chosen media. Particular emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of visual recording skills.

  • Art and Design Portfolio: For this unit, students will produce a portfolio of work showing their personal response to a starting point. Students will hand in a portfolio and final piece.
  • Art and Design set task: For this unit, Students will be given a selection of starting points to choose from and will produce a visual response during a practical exam. Students will produce preparatory studies to support their exam work.

The faculty follows Edexcel Art and Design Suite and more information about the course and subject specification can be found at

We offer A level Art and Design in Fine Art, Photography and Textiles. At A level, our students are encouraged to work independently and grow into confident artists as they explore a variety of media and techniques. Our students’ work is highly personal, engaging and innovative. We enjoy celebrating their achievements in our annual summer exhibition. We provide opportunities for students to visit galleries to support their studies and exhibit their work in external exhibitions.

A Level

  • Personal Investigation: Students produce a major project that has personal significance. Students complete a related study of approximately 3000 words.
  • Controlled Assignment: Students select one starting point from an early release question paper. Students complete a fifteen-hour practical exam to develop their ideas into a final outcome.

More information about the course and subject specification can be found at

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