ELD / eWeek

Extended Learning Days (ELDs)

There are 5 ELDs throughout the year, 1 per half term. On ELD 1 -4, normal lessons are suspended and students are involved in activities as a year group. Activities range from Geography fieldwork, learning about the Holocaust, creating a theatre production in a day to careers enrichment visits. The 5th ELD is a House Day competition with students from each year group working together as they represent their House.

Enrichment week (eWeek)

E week takes place in June when the year 11 and 13 students are sitting their exams. For year 7-9, various residential trips offered including Disney or Bushcraft for Year 7, France for Year 8 and Germany for Year 9. For students who choose not to attend a residential trip, there are 3 days of activities arranged which are school based, often with 1 or more days off site. These vary in cost and appeal to a range of interests. Activities include Caring about Conservation, The Harry Potter experience, Sporting Superstars and Water sports Activities.

The Year 10 students complete a week of work experience while the focus for Year 12 students is on UCAS and planning for their future.