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The School Day

Students can be in school from 8.00am to 4.30pm for lessons, library work and community activities.

The school week is organised into 25 one-hour lessons; five one-hour lessons a day. The day also incorporates registration and assembly time, and movement time to ensure lessons are one hour long.

The school is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm everyday for lessons, library work and community activities. Please see the study support timetable for an example of the types and range of activities and clubs that are on offer.

Students should arrive on campus by 8.20am each morning. Breakfast is available every day in the school canteen from 8.00 until 8.30am.

Students have two assemblies each week: one with their year group, and one combined with another year group (double assembly).

  • 8.30 Registration and Tutorial
  • 8.45 Session 1
  • 9.45 Movement time
  • 9.50 Session 2
  • 10.50 Morning Break
  • 11.05 Movement bell
  • 11.10 Session 3
  • 12.10 Movement time
  • 12.15 Session 4
  • 13.15 Lunch
  • 13.55 Movement bell
  • 14.00 Registration and Session 5
  • 15.00 Community Time (Voluntary)

The library is staffed until 4.15 pm every day (except Friday when the library closes at 4 pm) and students may work in there until that time. After 4.15 pm any student who is being collected by parents must wait in reception. The school cannot accept responsibility for students after 5.00 pm, unless they are taking part in a supervised sport, drama, music, dance or curriculum activity.