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School Trips

We run six Extended Learning Days throughout the year to add to the excitement of learning and stimulate deep learning provided through extended projects. These dovetail with our curriculum to ensure coherent and powerful learning experiences. Furthermore, an extended learning week in June sees students in all year groups partake in a wide range of activities, many of which involve trips within the region and internationally.

There is an extensive range of trips to all parts of the globe for all year groups – These include:

Year 7  – A team building trip to the Peak District is run in the third week of term for all new year 7 students;

Year 8  – Trips to France & Germany

Year 9 – PGL

An exchange programme has been fully developed, with opportunities to host students and pay a return visit to France, Germany and a newly established programme with a school in Seville, Spain. (Typically in Years 8&9)

As part of our Arts Status we run many international visits and music tours. Sixth Formers have the opportunity of a once in a lifetime trip to an exotic destination such as The Gambia, Borneo, China, Central America, Bakino Faso and Ecuador.

A ski trip runs annually and other international activities such as scuba diving in Egypt and sports tours to Malta and Spain have run in recent years.

There are also subject specific trips that run bi-annually which have included in the past – Computer Science Trip to California, Dance trip to New York, Geography Trip to Iceland, History Trip to the Battlefields.


This adds up to a fully comprehensive offering for all students.